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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Busy, busy weekend.  Saturday we went to our granddaughters'  dance recital - "Dance Express" - at Lyndon Institute auditorium.  The camera we now have doesn't do well when we ask it to zoom in on something, so we didn't get really good pictures of the performers.  We thought we'd get there early enough to get seats close to the stage this year, but a whole lot of other people had the same idea and got there earlier than we did, so we were relegated to a seat towards the back of the auditorium.  It was still fun to watch, even though our pictures were few and didn't turn out very well.  I made a short slide show - we focused on getting pictures of our grands, so apologize for presenting a very limited review of the many routines that were presented. 

Today we've had Mother's Day visits from our kids, and that's always fun.  Bob and Theresa brought sticky buns, so we had a special treat with coffee while they were here.  Bob also left a poster for a Hitmen concert.  It should be fun.
Bob said they aren't playing Danville Fair this year - Bruce James, their drummer, will be away.  Lots of folks will be disappointed they aren't at the fair, I think, but I'm sure there will be another good band to take their place.

Weather today has been cold and rainy.  A little after noon there were snowflakes mixed with the raindrops for a few minutes.  The temperature now, at 6 p.m., is only 40 degrees.  I knew that nice weather was only a teaser!

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