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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Not much change from this morning - perhaps tipped just a trifle more - but still holding up.  I'll check again before dark, but I'm thinking nothing has melted much today.  In fact, we may have made more ice.  It's now showing 19 degrees on my thermometer, and the wind is still gusting.  There have been snow squalls all day.  

I think most of us are really ready for spring, except perhaps the sugar makers.  They are having a super great year.  I haven't heard that prices have gone down, but one would think they might, at least a bit.  Some individuals are selling for less - our neighbor, Jenn Curschmann had a message of Front Porch Forum that they are selling syrup for $45/gal., which is less than I've seen elsewhere.  Jenn says theirs is made "the old fashioned way" and therefore the taste is noticeably better.  And I believe it.  Here are her prices:
Gallon- $45
1/2 Gallon- $25
Quart - $ 15
Pints are- $10
Call me at 793-0599 and we can make arrangements. Happy Spring!

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