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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Whoopee!  There are a few snowflakes in the air!  It's cold (23 degrees) and there's been no sign of the sun since very early morning.  We are hoping we'll get a little snow to at least make the ski areas happy.  Yesterday was quite chilly - it's hard to keep up with the temperature swings and know how many layers of clothing one needs each day.

I had a short message from Marti Talbot (West Shore Road) letting us know she and David accompanied a group of his students from Plymouth State College on a trip to Cuba.  She sent us a link to her travel blog (Click here.)  It's very interesting - great photos.  Thank you, Marti.

We have good news about Don Walker's progress after breaking his leg in a fall a few weeks ago - he's been given the ok to drive.  He's rarin' to go after being more or less house-bound for so long.  Don will distribute Ice-Out tickets for us again this year, and that's a big relief.  It would be hard to find a replacement to fill his shoes.

The snowflakes that were coming down a few minutes ago seem to have stopped.  It doesn't look like we're in for much accumulation.  Sorry, skiers, smowmobilers and boarders.

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