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Sunday, February 07, 2016

No, this isn't our deck - but isn't it pretty?  This picture is Tom and Camilla Dente's in Middletown, CT.  Here's what Tom wrote:

Hi Jane,
We had a moderate snow fall of ten inches on Friday. We are still praying for the snow to go north and leave us alone for a month or so. But, another one is coming in for next week. This one seems to be centering on the Boston area and Connecticut will only get about four to six inches. I don’t think this will go into Vermont either. I attached a back deck picture of the half way point in the Friday storm.

We are getting snow showers again today, but nothing exciting.  The snowflakes are "few and far between" so not amounting to much.  We do have ideal temperature for snow - about 29 degrees, although it could warm up - I've given up trying to figure out what the weather is up to this winter.  The roller-coaster from warm spring to frigid winter weather and back again every week is about all we can anticipate, I guess.

Tom also found this about a recent robbery in our area. (The link didn't work, so here is the article:  Click to make it larger.

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