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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just checking in to update anyone interested in the weather we're having here at Joe's Pond today.  Since I posted to the blog at about 9 a.m this morning, we have had mostly rain ranging from misty to pouring, and nearly all of the 4 inches of snow has been washed away already.  The thermometer is showing 40 degrees and there's a strong south wind.  My wind gauge is working again and even though our house is somewhat sheltered, even from the south wind, it is spinning pretty wildly.  I just checked the web cams at Rossi's (using Internet Explorer as my browser)  and their flag is flying pretty much straight out with wind blowing up the pond. 

The temperature should begin to settle back down soon, but there's no snow in the forecast until possibly this weekend, and then it is likely to be a mix of snow, sleet and rain.  

I didn't walk today - it was raining hard at about noon when I would normally go, and with the possibility of the rain having washed away the snow that had improved the footing on Jamie and Marie's icy driveway, I decided I'd rather not take a chance on taking a tumble and breaking something.  Road crews on the main highways are reporting the roads are "baring off," but there may be spots that are still cold and if we get more rain, they could ice over quickly if the salt mixture has washed away.  Tricky.  

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