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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

We've had a bit of everything for weather today.  The morning started with very nice sunshine, but by noon the clouds had moved in and soon after we had a few showers.  The temperature has been in the low to mid-30's most of the day, and there may have been some icy spots here and there.  Tonight my thermometer is reading 31 degrees, and last time I was outside there was a little misty rain.  The last two nights there have been reports of temperatures in the single numbers above zero, so the ground and the water will be well cooled. 

I have been trying to reproduce my high school class yearbook.  That year, 1948, our class decided to be different than any before us (or as it turned out, any after us) and have a photo album of very few pages rather than an elaborate hard-cover book with all kinds of information about the other classes.  We each got an album, and if I recall correctly, each was personalized with a large photo of the individual ordering, although there were smaller photos of all six of us who graduated that year.  I can't vouch for the others, but my yearbook has ten pages - eight with photos and two blank.   Our choice was probably at least partially dictated by the expense - none of us had money to spare, nor did our parents.  I think we also passed on getting class rings.  

Printers need a number of pages divisible by four, so I've been looking for extra material and/or photos to make at least 12 pages.  I've found some information long forgotten by my former classmates, I'm sure - a class will, and some pictures that didn't make it into the original albums, but will this one.  I hope to have it finished soon - I've started to do this at least twice over the past two or three years, and the project went nowhere.  This time it's going to be finished, by golly.  It won't be exactly like the originals, but at least there will be a permanent record of the Class of 1948 in the annals of the Cabot Historical Society, where such books are kept.
In the meantime, my "yearbook" has fallen apart, not from over use, but from over age.  Like all of us, the years have taken a toll.  Three of our six graduates have died; one, Muriel (Pike) Green, I haven't heard from in at least 30 years, but I expect she is hale and hearty, somewhere in Florida.  That leaves Larry Thompson and me, both of us here in Cabot and both of us showing our years, but still upright.

Speaking of such things, I saw in today's Caledonian Record that a neighbor at the end of Brickett's Crossing Road on Route 215 died on Novermber 19th.  Renee Adler was a friend of our friend, the late Louise Seimers, so we knew her a little through Louise.  She was an interesting and talented lady, and will be missed.

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