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Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm going to dash off a short note now as I have things to do later today and I really want to let you know about the weather here today.  It is presently overcast and early this morning we had a little rain, but with the temperature just above freezing, it shortly turned to snow.  For a few minutes the ground was actually white, but it melted right away - actually I was doing some Ice-Out accounting and didn't pay attention until it was too late to get a picture, that's how fleeting it was.  The ground is bare again, but I expect we'll have rain/snow showers most of the day.  And lots of wind.  

Diane told me this morning she had to secure the clock and thermometer with big rubber bands so they wouldn't rock too much in the wind and perhaps be knocked down.  I haven't been able to access the web cams this morning - they are being finicky again - so I didn't see how much wind is hitting at her house. It seems to be mostly from the south or southeast, and is hitting the west shore with powerful gusts.  She didn't say if she has a wind speed - my reading here has been 22.9 at the strongest so far.  I had an overnight low temperature reading of 33.1 degrees, and later this week we will be below freezing again at night, and still very cool days.

The crews have been working our road today, filling in the comparatively minor muddy spots, and smoothing where they had to fill the culvert washout by  Joanne Davis's.  The Cabot section of West Shore Road has been very good.  If our luck holds and there are no more big mud holes, we will have beaten the odds on mud season this year.  However, Fred just got home and said the West Danville end is not looking so good.

About today's photos:  Joe's Ponders will recognize the top photo as being the channel that leads into the pond - yesterday it was all water, today it looks as if that may have been water on top of ice and now, like the pond, it's white again.  The second picture is of the pond in back of the island where yesterday there was water on top of the ice, too.  It's good the melting process is slowing down a bit.  That may prevent flooding.  The water has ceased running on our back lawn, too, so not as much is flowing into the pond from the hills.

Here's something interesting I came across yesterday:  On May 26, 1912, West Danville had a storm that left them with 3.5 inches of snow.  It didn't stay long, of course, but still, having snow that late in the season must have been discouraging.  

And now, back to work.

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