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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another pretty nice spring day here.  We had to go into town to pick up mail and do some other errands, and having just exchanged e-mails with Evelyn Richer about how good the roads have been, we were surprised to find some gaping holes in the road where a culvert crosses by the Joanne Davis cottage on West Shore Road.  Someone had thoughtfully stuck a 2x4 in the hole with a very visible flag to keep vehicles from crashing into it.  I have no idea how many people reported it to the road crew, but soon after we got home around noon, they were working on it.  The rest of the road was pretty good - actually, very good, compared to some previous years.  The Danville end is still pretty bad - I don't think they've been able to get to that yet.  I'm sure every town's road gang has more than they can handle right now.

We went to Clubhouse Road to Henretta Splain's house and that road is very good.  Fred got some pictures of the snow around the pavilion.  Things are looking really good there - the snow is mostly gone.  It won't be long before the grass will be greening up.  The top photo is how the pavilion looked three weeks ago on March 29th.  The next photos were taken today.

 We are happy to report that both narrows are well opened and within another day or so there will be a channel of open water all the way to the upper narrows.  The third pond is still pretty solidly frozen although there are spots with open water along the shoreline.  The latest report we've had came from someone who had been fishing and said there is about a foot of mushy snow and ice on top of 18 inches or so of solid ice.  That can go very quickly if the weather stays mild and we get the predicted rain.  We had a little rain late this afternoon and I'm sure that helped.  There's a lot of water rushing off the hillsides to raise the water level in the pond and that will help to break up the ice, too.  Lots of folks are counting on the ice holding until at least the 1st of May, and I think that is reasonable.

Evelyn Richer reported today:  The cove is pretty much open now, with some soft ice against our shoreline, and the loon's nest has popped up out of the ice and lookin' good... We have lots of ducks and geese and signs of the bear too... IT"S SPRING!!!  (but no loon yet)
Forget about mud, snow and ice.  Here are some happy pictures of spring.  The top one came from Andy Rudin a couple days ago of his garden in Philadelphia.  He very kindly sent it to cheer Woody up after I'd posted one day about a week ago that our poor cat appeared to be despondent about the slow start of spring.  Thank you, Andy.  

The closeup here came from Cousin Ora in Rhode Island last week.  There's something about daffodils that just make you smile, don't you agree?  I love them and can't wait to have bouquets in the house as well as masses of them in the garden.  Then apple blossoms and lilacs and irises and peonies.  What joys we have in store for us under the piles of snow.

I want to thank Dano for contacting us (see comment on Friday's post).  I hope you have been able to access the web cams with the information I posted on Friday.  I believe they have been operating quite well today.

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