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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    We had a really nice day today - bright sunshine and temps in the 20's.  It seemed so good to be outside and be comfortable.  Tonight will be cold again, probably in the vicinity of zero, but that's mild compared to what's ahead for this weekend.  I'd like to think this next "cold snap" turns out to be winter's "last gasp," but that's not realistic, of course.  We still have the rest of February and all of March ahead of us, and that could mean some pretty wild weather.
    I've just found out that Don Encarnacion, our neighbor just down the road, is putting his property on the market.  I don't have any particulars yet, but it will be assigned to a realtor soon.  It is a nice property - around 20 acres, I believe, and the house is lovely - big fireplace and sunken living room, sun room, I believe three bedrooms and two baths, double garage, paved driveway.  Don no longer feels comfortable living there alone since his wife, Mary died, and he's in his 90s.  We are sad he will no longer be our neighbor.  It will make someone a really nice home and there's plenty of room to move about, inside and out - a nice brook, plenty of garden space - and good neighbors!  As soon as Don and his daughters have selected a realtor, we'll have a link here on the website.

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