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Thursday, January 22, 2015

    We are looking at another absolutely gorgeous day - clear blue sky, lots of snow on the trees and ground, and temperatures promising to be close to normal (whatever normal is!) for this time of year.  This morning we have a reading of 10 above, which to a lot of you seems really cold, but for us these days anything above zero is a good thing.  Each night we dip well below zero - although last night wasn't quite as cold at minus 5.  The sunshine during the day just makes everyone happy, no matter what the thermometer reads.
    We had a comment come to the website - you can see it by clicking HERE - and perhaps is someone knows who is keeping Barre Avenue plowed, you could mention to them that the snow piled up at 167 Barre Avenue is a problem for the owners (or will be in the spring) and that where they made the turnaround is right on the Systo's leach field - also a problem.  I'm sure whoever did the plowing will be able to find alternatives, so please pass the word and hopefully we can get this situation corrected.  It's always best to check with neighbors before using their property for any reason, even snow removal/disposal.  Let us know if we can help by contacting the party that is plowing out there - we don't know who it is, so cannot deliver the message directly.


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