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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    Here's a notice from the folks who publish the Cabot Chronicle monthly newspaper.  We hope you will attend the meeting and voice your opinion and lend any advice or expertise you may have to help develop a well-working business plan.
    The big snow storm of January 2015 didn't amount to much here.  We had five or six inches of snow with a fair amount of wind, but nothing unusual.  The cold temperatures persist, though, and the forecast is for more stormy weather this weekend into the first of next week, and predictions are that this will amount to more than the last one for us and will probably dump on those already struggling coastal areas.  I think most of us in Vermont are giving this a big "ho-hum" - could be just another screwed up forecast, so we'll believe it when we're digging out from under a couple feet of snow.
    However, we know some of our neighboring states, especially along the coast and Long Island, did get lots of snow and damaging wind.  We would like to hear from any of our Joe's Ponders or others who are in those hard-hit areas.  We hope you're doing ok and can get a bit of a breather before the next storm wallops you.  We may not be as lucky next time, but it does seem as if for the last couple or three years the major snow storms have hit south of Vermont.  Nobody here would mind sharing some of the deep cold, however - that part of winter is getting a bit tiresome.  Another night well below the zero mark tonight, but fortunately no wind.
    We hope everyone is safe and warm wherever you are.  Let us know how you're doing, please.

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