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Friday, November 28, 2014

It's a snowy day today.  Very wintery with blowing snow - some coming off the trees from that 12 inches we got, then we've had an inch or two new snow overnight and during the day today that's blowing around, too.  This is the view out my office window right now.  It's snowing very hard, and the thermometer is dropping - plus there's a gusty northwest wind.  Brrrrrrrr!

Diane Rossi just told me there was cat-ice on the pond early this morning, but then the wind broke it up.  However, we're in for near zero cold tonight, so it will no doubt freeze over fairly solidly again.  The temperatures will be well below freezing for the next week or so, which may mean we've seen the last of open water until spring.  Any docks that haven't been pulled out of the water may have to just stay there.

Roads are slick and visibility is poor, so driving conditions aren't good tonight.  Not exactly the picturesque Thanksgiving weekend we'd like to have had weather-wise and for travel, but hopefully everyone will make it home safely, even if a bit late and not without some difficulties.  Winter seems to be here!

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