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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Before I write anything else, I must correct yesterday's blog where I mentioned the new homes on the eastern shore of the pond.  It is Cassani's, not Calcagni's.  I of course knew that, but apparently my brain wasn't functioning well at the time . . . so I apologize and will edit that so it is correct.

I've been getting ready for tomorrow's dinner and have cooked the turkey ahead as well as most of my side dishes.  Not only will it be a lot less hectic tomorrow having these things done, but just in case we have a power outage, I'll be able to heat whatever is needed on the wood stove.  Not that I anticipate an outage, but we're getting a lot of snow right now and although the temperature has gone down a few degrees during the afternoon, it's still only about 28 degrees, so that snow could be fairly heavy.  We haven't been out to shovel or snow blow - I think we'll wait until morning to do that.  By then the snow storm should be out of here, I think, but we are expected to get between 8 and 12 inches, so road crews will be busy through the night trying to keep things open for holiday travelers.

I'm listening to the scanner and there are the usual reports of cars off roads - so roads are getting slippery.   If you are driving somewhere for the holiday, do be careful.  I expect there will be some travelers who will not be able to reach their destination, especially if they are flying.  Burlington airport officials said at noon some incoming flights had been delayed but that flights out of Burlington should be normal - except if connecting airports are not able to operate normally or are closed.  I'm thankful we're not traveling.

Fred and I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

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