Thursday, January 20, 2022

Cold, but Oh That Sunshine!

 We are in the deep freeze zone again, and my thermometer is reading 10F, with a wind chill of -5F. There is plenty of sunshine, though and I've spent a good share of the morning reading in my chair by the living room window with the sun beating in on me. Very nice - and I kept drifting off. Sunshine and a comfortable chair will do that to me, no matter how exciting the book is. The one I'm reading right now is not very exciting. It was especially difficult to get interested in at the beginning, but as I read further, I'm finding it a bit more interesting. It is a novel, The Big Man's Daughter, by Owen Fitzstephen. It's a mystery novel and I'm almost at the end. I always hesitate to get involved reading a book because if I really like it, it's hard for me to put it down in order to take care of more important things, such as getting a meal together, answering emails, or furthering my own projects. So I purposefully put it away in order to check my email this morning (afternoon) and get myself some lunch. My projects can wait until I finish the next dozen pages or so. 

Going outside is not something that I'm looking forward to today. I didn't have to go out to shovel the deck or measure snow this morning, fortunately; no snow last night and it was still about -5 degrees at 9 o'clock. I will put on my long wool winter "horse-blanket" coat to go down to get the mail later - before the sun goes down. I know the wind down at the mailbox will be brutal, so I bundle up well before I venture down there. 

I think most of you know about the free test kits that are available on line at  The process looks simple and straight-forward enough - if there is an adequate supply. Because we are all probably going to need to live with the reality that sooner or later we're going to get directly exposed to Covid, it's probably a good idea to have a test kit available in order to know if and when to stay quarantined. As long as one is fully vaccinated, the risk of becoming very ill is minimized; however, even if we have few or practically no symptoms we could still spread it to more vulnerable people such as elderly, compromised, or yet unvaccinated children. I think we all want to see this pandemic behind us, and one way to move that closer to reality is first, get vaccinated, and second, if you are exposed, get tested and stay at home if you test positive.

Now I'm going to have one of my favorites, cabbage soup, for lunch.


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