Sunday, January 16, 2022


 This important notice comes from Joe Hebert, President of Joe's Pond Association. Members please read and comment:

Costs for 2022 Fireworks

The Board of Directors of the Joes Pond Association is soliciting the input for members on a decision that must be made within the next few days.

On Friday January 14th we were notified that the cost of the 2022 fireworks would increase from $7,000 to $10,000. This represents a 42% increase from last year and a 100% increase from 2018. Reportedly the reasons are multifactorial including Covid, less production in China, and delays at shipping ports. Traditionally we have received a 10% discount for early payment, but that option is not available this year. We have been told that the display will be 10% longer.

      Given the fact that a decision must be made shortly, it appears we have two options:

 1.      Cancel the 2022 fireworks and discuss future plans during the spring and summer meetings.

 2.      Proceed with the 2022 fireworks but again, discuss ongoing options at our association meetings this summer.

 The consensus of the board is to pay the $10,000 for this year and then as indicated, explore our future plans at the summer meetings. This is an opportunity for members to voice any opinions or thoughts they have on this matter. Please be aware we need to hear from you soon as a final decision must be made early next weeks. You may contact any of the Board of Directors or email us at

Thank you,

 Joe Hebert, President, JPA 




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