Thursday, September 30, 2021

Friday, Oct. 1, is Fall Foliage Day in Cabot!


Suddenly it's here! Fall Foliage Day in Cabot with plans for all kinds of activities, mostly outdoors, to show off artisans' talents, the colors on the hillsides, and all the goodies the area has to offer during the next several days.

We'll hope the weather is good tomorrow. I think it is forecast to be a bit warmer than today, with more sunshine, but there still may be some showers. I probably won't be attending any of the activities in town, but I plan to head down to Burtt's Apple Orchard to pick up some cider, and will get take-out turkey dinners. The turkey dinners in Cabot are usually super good. They are probably made with Bothfeld's Dunstable Farms turkeys that are grown on West Hill in Cabot, and the cooks in Cabot know how to put these meals together perfectly. 

I had friends visiting yesterday who have a son living in Switzerland. They told me a whole turkey costs about $100 there right now. That is a lot. Everything is getting out of proportion these days. Prices are high, but there are also things you simply cannot get. Not only that, I have had problems even getting service people lately. I called Bourne's about a small problem with my boiler today and was shuttled from a live person (who couldn't help me) to someone else where I had to leave a message (no option to wait) and who apparently was too busy all day to call me back. I guess if it had been an emergency, it would have been different, but still. I've gotten used to having to endure loud and lousy music while waiting endlessly for someone to talk with me on the phone, but this is the first time I felt I was shuttled aside completely and will probably never get a call=back. I will call again tomorrow and try to talk with one of the installers. Wish me luck with that!!

Isn't it funny how things seem to happen in bunches? For the last couple of weeks, I've been sort of coasting, doing short stints of last-minute details on the history book and waiting for Randy to bring me the rest of the strapping so I can put finish on it. Yesterday I found out we are going to be indexing the book, which is a huge job none of us has ever done before, and while I was adjusting my mind around that, Randy pulls in with the strapping for me to polyurethane. I decided the garage was too cool to work comfortably in, and this weather wasn't good for drying, so I took the big bundle into the basement so I could do it there. While I was moving things around to get set up, I noticed water around the base of the boiler, and discovered there is a little leak in the exhaust. With the boiler working more in the cooler weather, I'm guessing there is more condensation in that exhaust pipe and something isn't quite tight. I don't think it is serious, but it is troubling. So I have a bunch of stuff I need to take care of all of a sudden. That's life, I guess. 

Get out and enjoy the colors - they are developing more each day - some areas are very pretty, but I don't think we have hit peak quite yet - or perhaps this isn't going to be a really brilliant year for foliage. The next few days will tell the story. At least the weather is supposed to warm up a bit, and that is good news. October can be a very pretty and enjoyable month, but it's hard to predict these days. We've certainly been cooler than usual these past several days. Mt. Washington had snow flurries, but as far as I know, the rest of New England was spared. I can wait to see snow flakes in the air!


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