We've got snow!
I measured two inches each on Monday and Tuesday, and this morning another four, and it's been snowing all day. We will have at least another six or so by tomorrow morning, I expect. It's pretty with the trees loaded making everything look like a lovely Christmas card. There was lots of gusty wind today, swirling the snow around and making visibility difficult. There's lots more weather predicted over the next few days and by the weekend, deep cold. Perfect January weather - finally!

I wasn't outside much today except to get the snow measurements this morning. Most of my day has been spent here at my computer. I hadn't realized just how much there would be to write about the Joe's Pond Association in particular - and Joe's Pond in general. There are lots of things I should have remembered but didn't until I went back to minutes and newsletters. I'm now into more "recent history" as opposed to what we've gathered previously. Even though I've lived here my whole life - mostly no further from Joe's Pond than St. Johnsbury - I'm discovering things I never knew about. Like horse races and motor boat races on the pond. And then there are things I had forgotten such as that it used to be a toll call from one side of the pond to the other and that we were interviewed about the Ice-Out Contest by Jay Thomas on SiriusXM Radio. (Yes, THAT Jay
Thomas!) It was almost as much fun as those interviews we did with Don Mulally at WSTJ every year. Below the picture of Jay Thomas is a picture of Don on the air about the time we were both working at WTWN - in the 1950s. Ken Green (bottom picture) was working there at that time, too. He later went to WCAX. I worked at all sorts of jobs there - bookkeeping, secretarial, scheduling programs and writing copy. Tom and Shirley Kibbe were there at that time, too - our main objective every day was to get Ken Green to break up on the air. It really wasn't difficult. We had to be careful not to get anyone in trouble. Station owner Dean Finney had a sense of humor but he liked his announcers (and other staff) to be professional on and off the air. That was a lifetime ago, for sure. All three of these radio personalities are gone now.

It's great fun to go back in time searching out bits of Joe's Pond history, but it's proving to be a huge task pulling it all together for this book. I'm optimistic, though - I think I'm beginning to sense there's a light at the end of this tunnel. Stay tuned!


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