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Saturday, December 03, 2016

We are definitely back in winter mode.  I measured 3 inches this morning and there is a crusty base from when the rain showers changed over late yesterday evening.  It's still not awfully cold - 31 degrees, but cold enough so the snow is sticking - to everything!  I expect there will be power outages today.  I haven't heard the news yet, but I suppose there could be power loss in some areas already.   It's snowing quite steadily, and there's a strong, gusty wind that makes a bad combination.

I have two announcements today.  The first is a poster from the Cabot Public Library. 
Kathleen Hoyne
Cabot Public Library
PO Box 6, 3084 Main St
Cabot, VT 05647
Then I received this message from Helen Morrisson who volunteers for the Kingdom Animal Shelter in St. Johnsbury Center:  
Hi Jane,
Could you share the attached poster on the Joe's Pond Blog?
We are having our annual Pet Photos with Santa Paws next Saturday, Dec. 10.  This year, though, it is at the American Legion in Lyndonville, 10-2.  There will be the photos, a bake sale, KAS calendars for sale (if we have any left), raffle tickets for the Twelve Days of Christmas prizes.  Should be fun.
And there you have it.  Click on the images to make them large enough to read easily.  Fun things to do on wintery days!

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