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Sunday, August 13, 2017

We're closing the weekend with a lovely sunny day, but for some folks, last night was pretty wild.  We heard the warnings as we watched news on TV - strong winds, severe lightning, possibly damaging hail, etc., so we did the usual stuff to prepare.  As lightning danced in the northern sky towards Walden, we took down the flag, hauled all the deck furniture into the garage and secured anything that a 40 mph wind might turn into a projectile.  We also secured a few things around the storage shed where Bill Jones is working - he'd covered and weighted things, but we added extra weight, just in case.  We filled some containers with water, and made sure we knew where flashlights were and also candles and lamps.  It all took less than 10 minutes - we know the drill.  We went on with our evening - I was watching a movie and Fred was working on his computer, expecting we'd be without power any moment as the wind picked up and the rain came.  Then it was quiet. The storm didn't really materialize here. 

The amount of precipitation was very spotty everywhere.  West Rutland reported no precip, while East Dover got over an inch.   An observer in Barton reported .91, while Greensboro reported only .18.  There are two CoCoRaHS observers in Danville - one reported .05, the other .19.  And so it goes.  I measurefd .31 in. this morning.  

We hope the rain didn't dampen the good times at either Danville Fair or the JPA Pig Roast.  We were sorry to miss the pig roast this year, but we weren't sure we'd be here.  As it turned out, we were here, but we knew tickets were very likely all sold out.  There is still the Cocktail Party on the 27th . . .

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