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Sunday, July 23, 2017

We had a nice sunny day but the winds were light and variable which was a challenge for all the sailors.  The results for today's race were:

Single Division
  1. Billy Hamilton
  2. Jack LaGue
  3. Jay Chatot
  4. Fred Bertrand
  5. Ray Rouleau
  6. Butch Bouchard
  7. Diane Sherwood
  8. Jim Loutrel
  9. Dottie Noyes
  10. Diane Rossi
Double Division
  1. Lee Erdmann with Charlie Roberts
  2. Joey Cassani with Suzanne Cassani
The standings at this time for Single Division :
Billy Hamilton                        20 points
Jack LaGue                             18 points
Jay Chatot                               16 points
Ray Rouleau                           13 points
Fred Bertrand                         12 points
Butch Bouchard                       9 points
Diane Rossi                             7 points
Dottie Noyes                             5 points
Diane Sherwood                       4 points
Jim Loutrel                                3 points

The standings at this time for Double Division:
Erdmann                             20 points
Cassani                                17 points
Stewart/Hynes                       9 points

 Pictures are, top - Diane Sherwood; middle - start of today's race; bottom - Ray Rouleau showing how relaxing a race can be for an experienced sailor. 


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