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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

This message came from Frank Dolan (Narrows Dr.) this evening:
 Have you heard anything about the loon family on the lower pond? Earlier (last week, maybe), I thought I saw two chicks in the lower or middle pond with the adults. Then on Sunday
(7/2), late in the afternoon, I definitely saw one loon chick with the parents in the lower pond; there may have been a second chick riding on a parent's back, though I'm not certain. Yesterday and today, while kayaking and riding in my boat in the lower and middle ponds I did not see any chicks, although I saw the pair of adults together several times. Have you had any other reports about that loon family? (I did see the intact loon family in the upper pond late on the 3rd and then again on the 4th.) --Frank

I hope someone will respond to this so we'll know if the chicks are ok or some disaster has happened.  There is to be a loon count on July 15th - Henretta Splain and some others will be working with loon specialist, Eric Hanson.  I'll have a report from Henretta after the count is done.  In the meantime, email me if you spot the loon family in the first two ponds.  There should be two adults and two chicks. There are two adults and one chick in the third pond, and as Frank mentions, they seem to be ok.  We're a little concerned about the others in the first two ponds, though.  I'll post any information here as soon as I receive it. 

I believe one year an eagle got one of the chicks in the upper pond - and as I recall, one of the chicks in the middle pond didn't make it.  It can be a dangerous place for loon chicks sometimes - big fish, eagles or other predators - and perhaps fast boats.  We'll hope for a good report soon.

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