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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Story of the Cow(s)

This came from George "Jaff" Baxter today:

On 7/24 a rainy Monday morning Peace and I were having breakfast when Ginger Erdmann knocked and told us there was a cow in our field by the bike path. I called Gary Larrabee because he knows all there is to know. When I described the property he told me the cows belonged to Matt Linstrom who farms near Molly’s Pond. He has grazing rights on property contiguous to North Shore Road and Route 15.

I called Matt, and he headed to Joe’s Pond. I met him in my truck, and we drove up my hill and there stood a white mother cow and her young one which she had recently dropped. Also in company was another black cow all three enjoying a quiet time on the hill.

With Matt’s expertise and a bit of assistance we got the two cows herded onto the rail bed and into the field where they belonged. The calf was having difficulty walking, so Matt loaded him on the back of my truck and we gave the little calf a ride. So this unusual event ended well. 

Thank you, George - great story and wonderful pictures.  I'm glad the cow and her calf were ok.  It's amazing how quickly after being born calves can stand and walk - but they don't have much strength in those wobbly legs for a few days.  After a good meal and some attention from mom, the little one will feel better and be racing in the field like a pro in no time. 

This sort of scene was common in pastures  along almost any rural road in Vermont not too many years ago, but so many farms have disappeared from our landscape, it's a treat to have something like this happen - and a good thing kind people are looking out for wayward cattle and such.  Getting out of the pasture onto one of the main highways could mean a serious accident.  

Cows don't have much common sense to work with, but they do seem to invariably find any weak spot in a fence - and then everybody makes a "run for it" to greener pastures and freedom.  Trouble is, they don't fear highways and seem drawn to wander into the middle of any road - and stand there.  I'm sure Matt Linstrom is thankful for the help from Ginger and George.

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