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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Need a bed?  Here's a free full-size bed with box spring and mattress located at Abel and Kitty Toll's garage on Channel Drive.  First come, first gets it.  The garage is yellow color, between Bill Hamilton's (563 Channel Dr.) and Nancy Hamilton's (669 Channel Dr.)  Abel and Kitty's place is on the big island, so they may not be around, and that's why they are leaving the bed in the garage.  If you have questions, you can reach them at 802-684-3671.

Can you imagine -  we've actually had three days in a row that have been pretty darn nice.  We did get some rain on Monday night, but most days have been  sunny and a little humid.  Looks good for most of the rest of the week, too.  Those of you who picked this week for your vacation hit it just right!   Congratulations!  Enjoy!

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