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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Joe Cassani sent this message and photo this morning:
 I thought we were going to get a good thunderstorm this morning. This was a cool pic i took from the front patio this morning as I was finally trying to finish the patio that I have been working on for a year!  I guess someone doesn't want me to finish quite yet!

That is one threatening sky, for sure.  That storm cloud was hovering right over our house - we're on the hillside kind of behind the cedar tree in this picture.  About this time, I was out on our deck hauling down the flag so it wouldn't get tattered; Fred was out grabbing the humming-bird feeder so it wouldn't get diluted or damaged.  Then nothing much happened.  We had a brief shower and that was it.  More to come, no doubt.  Joe may be able to finish that patio after all!

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