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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Have you seen the weather forecast for the next week?  It seems we can't get a break of more than a day or two without showers.  This weather has to be not only frustrating, but near disaster for some people like farmers, painters, contractors and others who work outside and need things dry at least some of the time.  And tonight is downright chilly.  Good for sleeping, but we turned up the heat here in the house tonight.  I was chilly, and it would have been ok if Woody had been content to stay in my lap - he has a real warm body!  But I think he got too warm and left.  

Next week we'll still have a little rain every day, but the temperatures will be in the 80s.  Hot and steamy after cold and clammy. Nothing is normal so far this summer.  I recorded another .51 in. of precipitation this morning that had fallen mostly overnight.  I've recorded 2.17 in. so far this month.  This added to the almost 9 inches we got during June is more than we really need.

Here's something to look forward to - the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Charles D. Brainerd library in West Danville on Saturday at 1 p.m.  There will be a raffle drawing on August 26.  You can see all the items in the raffle by going to home page of this website and clicking on "Charles D. Brainerd Library Raffle."  You can also print tickets to enter the raffle.  Tickets will also be available at Hastings Store, Three Ponds Cafe and Joe's Pond Craft Shop - and at the ribbon-cutting on Saturday.  The raffle items will also be on display at the library Saturday.


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