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Friday, June 30, 2017

Here we are, getting ready for a big Fourth of July Weekend.  There will be lots of activities in the next few days - and the weather may not always cooperate.  We're expecting more strong storms coming through this area tomorrow, but the forecast is looking good for Sunday and better for Monday.  Monday night is when we expect to have our big annual fireworks display, so we'll be watching the weather closely.  If the forecast is wrong and it's too wet on Monday, the fireworks will be on Wednesday.

The fireworks at Joe's Pond are not visible from the beach in West Danville.  The best viewing is from hillsides around the big pond or actually on the water in the big pond.  The fireworks are set off from the rail-trail near Channel Drive crossing at the north end of the pond.  We ask that trail users not venture into that area on the 3rd, as the crew will be setting up and it could be dangerous.  The display will begin at dusk.  Try to find a spot above the pond such as Davidson Road for best views.  If you are on the water, be sure you have lights aboard as traffic will be heavy.  For your own safety, do not go beyond the islands, as that's where debris may fall and it could be dangerous if you are in a boat.

Tuesday, July 4th, you can start your day with some relaxing Yoga exercises at the Joe's Pond pavilion, 10 to 11 a.m.  Anyone is welcome to join the group.  You can e-mail the instructor if you have questions:  andrea.aimi@gmail.com.  

The parade in Cabot begins at 11, and there will be a Chicken BBQ at the school, a big rummage sale at the gym, live music by the "Malicious Brothers," games and activities for the children and lawn sales.

North Danville is having a big parade, too, with lots of additional things going on, so your day can be filled with fun for the whole family. 

Be safe driving and in whatever else you do during the holiday.  With storms frequenting the area, there may be a pop-up thunder storm or sudden high winds. If that happens, get off the water and take cover.  If you not on the water but are outside, find a building or go to your car and stay inside until it's over.  If there is water across a road, do not try to cross, it could be a bridge is washed out or unsafe.  And please be careful with fireworks.  They burn exceedingly hot and even sparklers can be very dangerous.  Have a great holiday celebration, and keep yourself and others safe.


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