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Friday, May 12, 2017

We have a pretty nice day today - some sunshine and warmer.  It is supposed to get better later in the day, but tomorrow not so good.  Nice to have a break.

I'm not having a lot of luck getting maps from either VTrans or LVRT folks that show detour routes for hikers and bikers around the bridge work on Route 2B in St. Johnsbury.  The Caledonian Record had a short article in yesterday's paper that listed the roads for the detour, but when I used the link provided, I didn't find the maps.  Granted, I didn't spend much time on the site, so I won't say there isn't a map there, but here is the information they provided and part of a map from my Vermont road atlas that may help.

"Trail users will be directed to use Crow Hill Road, Swett Road, Tilton Road and Parker Road, as designated by the Town of St. Johnsbury."

These roads show on this map, however, they are mostly dirt roads and may have a fair amount of traffic, so do be cautious.  

We are replacing our deck at the front of our house.  We have taken down the railing beside the steps down to the parking area on our driveway and had that down by the road for a while with a "Free" sign, but had no takers.  The pressure-treated spindles are classic design and in pretty good shape. We'd be happy to give them to someone who could use them.  I will put them on Front Porch Forum later on, so if you think you can use some of them, let me know.  Some are cut at an angle to accommodate the angle of the rail going down the steps, but next week I'll have more from the deck that are not angled (See picture above).  They are presently white, but need paintingWe are tired of painting every few years, so that's the reason we're changing.


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