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Saturday, May 27, 2017

We had an unusually large crowd at the spring meeting of the Joe's Pond Association today.  President Tom Dente told me after the meeting they counted the chairs that had been set out - they were 96 and some people were standing.  Tom believes we set a record for a business meeting of JPA.  

Not only were there lots of people there, it was a very jovial group.  This is not unusual - meetings are always fun as well as informative.  Having a couple of guests there may have helped increase attendance.  Our Ice-Out winner, Emily Wiggett, received her check from President Tom Dente (above) who commented he especially enjoys giving away money that isn't his.   We enjoyed meeting Emily, who teaches music in the Danville school system.
Bourne's Energy sent a representative, Tracy, to explain their proposal to set up a group offer for Joe's Pond people to get a break on their fuel, and that was well received.  (Click on image to enlarge.)

The rest of the meeting was fairly routine. A committee of five individuals was formed to look into what may be done about the deteriorating tennis courts.  The courts are very old and will eventually, within another 10 years or so, need extensive work which even at today's price estimates will be very costly.  By the time the work must be done, it's probable the cost will increase dramatically.  Above, Larry Rossi listens intently to a member commenting on the tennis court situation. 

Members picked up their 2018 Ice-Out Contest tickets today (sample ticket shown here).  There is now a supply at Hastings Store where owner Garey Larrabee says he needs to be ready for the tourists.  It's surprising how many tickets are sold during the summer months to people who are passing through on vacation.  In this picture I'm talking with Fella and Nancy Buttura as they pick up their tickets and 2017 directory of Joe's Pond members. 

Fred was not at the meeting today.  Instead, he was helping Bill Jones who is replacing our front deck.  I turned the camera over to youngest son, Jamie Dimick, and he did a great job filling in for Fred taking these pictures of our meeting.

A full account of today's meeting will be posted on the website within a few days and I'll post a link here when it is up.

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