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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We had an almost like summer day today - in fact, it WAS like summer except the leaves aren't in full bloom and the water is too cold for swimming.  We enjoyed it, nonetheless.

We had confirmation today from Henretta Splain that her daughter, Kellie Merrill, will be testing the water at the beach again this summer.  This is good news as Kellie is very dependable and knowledgeable, and is great about keeping us posted with the results.  The pond has been clear of contaminants so the beach hasn't had to be closed in the recent past - I think it's been good for the past three or four summers.  Property owners seem to be paying attention to runoff and septic systems around the pond, and this has helped a great deal.  

We have a new listing of a cottage for sale on the pond.  This is on the middle pond at 108 Narrows Drive, the Conley's. They are in a nice location, and say, "Enjoy 175' of Owned Waterfront on the 2nd Pond of Joe's Pond Where the Boats Slow Down to Go Through 'The Narrows'."

We started our deck project today.  Bill Jones arrived as scheduled first thing this morning.  There are always surprises, and we've had a few today, but Bill is taking care of them as they arise.  The worst is that we've had a problem with mice in the wall next to the deck, and fortunately, that is getting fixed.  This was a job we knew we
 might need to do - and although we hadn't intended to get into it now, Bill is willing to tackle it and when he's finished, there will be no way a mouse can access and nest in that area again.  There were more than a few obvious holes where they could get in - all well hidden under the siding - and what a mess!!  It's pretty well cleaned out and disinfected now, so hopefully Bill can get on with the deck tomorrow.  

We've known Bill for many years, and he's done work for us before, in fact, he made over the crib that my father made for me and I used for all three of my kids.  It is now a very functional settee in our kitchen - with storage under the seat. 

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