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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hot, Hot, Hot!  Like summer at it's best today.  Beautiful and such a change from only a few days ago, it's hard to keep up.  We were away all morning, so missed that part of the day, but after lunch enjoyed having it warm.  Now there are rumbles of thunder . . .

Our project is moving ahead.  I should say "projects," since sealing up the house against those pesky mice is kind of a separate job.  It has delayed the original project, but it will all be much better when Bill is finished.

I've mentioned in the past that a committee has been working to restore the little library building in West Danville, and that is moving ahead nicely.   I asked for an update, and this is what Pam Hebert told me:

We are very excited that the "little library" near the beach will reopen this summer. The Charles D. Brainerd Public Library ( the smallest library in the state) was a gasoline station in the 1930's  until Charles Brainerd died and willed the town the funds to convert the 10  x 17 foot building into a library. Jane Larrabee was the original library trustee. Patrons could  get a key at Hastings Store and check out any of the more than 1000 books.

The newly formed committee of Nancy Buttura, Mary Anne Cassani, Pam Hebert, Karen Morris and Joanne Stewart, along with their husbands, are cutting trees, removing musty books, replacing old boards and painting to prepare for a grand opening this summer. Plans are to staff the library afternoons during the summer months. Ten items have been donated for a raffle to raise funds. Please contact any of the committee members if you have books in good condition to donate.

Here are contact numbers for the committee members:
Nancy Buttura - 802-279-4146
Mary Anne Cassani - 802-684-2195
Pam Hebert - 802-684-3655
Karen Morris - 802-227-3107
Joanne Stewart - 802-684-2516

The library is on Route 15, close to the rail-trail and public docking, so it's easy to reach and should be a wonderful asset for the Village of West Danville.  A big "Thank you" to the committee, and their husbands, for doing all this work.

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