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Saturday, April 08, 2017

 We're all frozen up again at Joe's Pond.  We had snow overnight and today the temperature is 28 degrees and there is a mean west wind making the wind chill in the vicinity of 15 degrees, more or less.  Blustery and cold is the phrase of the day.
I was preoccupied and forgot to post the picture Diane sent of the clock and setup a couple days ago.  I'm sure it looks a lot different this morning; it is probably solidly frozen into the ice again.  Yesterday there was water on top of the ice and things were beginning to look like spring, but today we're definitely back to winter mode.    We had a message from Kevin Johnson this morning reporting as of Wednesday the ice measured 22 inches.  Not a lot of progress melting it away.

And here is a picture of how the clock looks this morning!  Thank you, Diane!

Woody has given up on going outside.  Most of the time he sleeps.  He has numerous favorite sleeping places throughout the house, but yesterday he decided to take a nap in the Namibian woven bowl.  It is about 18 inches across and he barely fit in it, but curled up he made it work.

When he realized I was taking his picture, his was not a happy cat:  


Having a comfortable snooze . . .

                  Don't wake me up!

Why are you doing this to me? 

Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away.

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