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Friday, April 28, 2017

We have been noticing the signs warning that US2 B will be closed for several weeks while the bridge in St. Johnsbury over the rail-trail is replaced.  Francine Perkins was thoughtful enough to send me notice because while the work is going on, the trail will be closed at that point - just outside of St. Johnsbury village.  Here is what Francine sent:

Hi Jane!

Hope all is well with you! 

I am working with VTrans on a bridge replacement project on VT 2B in St. Johnsbury.  The bridge is located over the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.  In a meeting earlier this week, it was mentioned that there are regular trail users from Joe’s Pond.  I am hoping you can help inform the Joe’s Pond community about the project.

The bridge is scheduled to close to traffic for 50-days starting May 10th.  The LVRT is also scheduled to close at the bridge May 10th too, with an anticipated re-opening in mid-June when the overhead work is completed.  Users will be able to use the trail on either side of the closure but will not be able to pass under the bridge.  Separate offsite detours will be in effect during the closure periods.  VTrans has launched a website for the project where detour maps are available for viewing and/or printing.  You can also find a project fact sheet in the “Document Library” in the website. 

The website address is: http://stj2bbridge.vtransprojects.vermont.gov/  The LVRT has posted a notice on their website too. 

Attached is the initial press release and the first weekly construction update for the project.  I have added you to the contact list to receive the weekly updates and special notices when the bridge closes and re-opens. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Francine Perkins
Project Outreach Coordinator
FRP Enterprises, LLC

I have responded to Francine and thanked her.  I will post notices here as soon as I receive them and have Fred put regular notices on home page of the website as well.  

Today has been the beautiful day we expected yesterday.  Instead of rain as predicted for today, we've had sunshine and temps in the 70s.  I was able to wash windows and get screens in place so the house is full of fresh air.  A day like this really gets the frost out of your bones.  We even had ice cream at Hastings Store this afternoon!   

Woody is enjoying being outside and has spent a lot of time today just sitting in the driveway listening to the sounds of spring and enjoying the warmth.  When he's outside during the daytime, he's much more inclined to accept not being able to go out at night.  It is just too dangerous for even a big guy like him to be out after dark.  Although I'm sure he will never completely accept the curfew, at least he's adapting and changing his habits a little.   

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