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Thursday, April 13, 2017

This just came from Nancy Buttura:  
 Just wanted to let you know I saw 3 loons in the first pond a little bit ago.  Despite the cold and windy day we are having there is a big section of open water and they were floating right in the middle, probably happy to be back. Happy Easter.

I guess the loons are confident winter's over so they are staking their claim early.  I think the males return first to lay claim to a nesting spot.  It seems to be a little early for them to come back here, but as long as there's open water, they will be fine.  These three may not be "our" loons - they could be loons passing through to some other open body of water.  If they are gone in a day or so, we'll know they were just using this as a stop-over.  Thanks for letting us know, Nancy.

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