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Saturday, April 22, 2017

 Sorry I'm a little late with these - I slept in.  As always, Diane was on the job, on time, with photos for us.

As you can see, things are reasonably stable.  The ice gets darker every day and there's more water showing along the shoreline.  Both the first and middle ponds are free of ice except for a little in the cove where Point Comfort's docks are.  That will no doubt be gone today.

Both Diane and Shelley Walker reported yesterday that Molly's pond is ice free and Molly's Falls Reservoir is showing lots of open water.  Rule of thumb from past years is that Joe's goes out about a week later than Molly's.  However, the block will go down and stop the clock before the pond is completely ice-free.  It might hold for another week, but as Diane described the ice today - it's "punky."  We won't know until it happens.  We're down to a few hundred viable tickets now, so all of you holding tickets for the next week or 10 days, keep close watch - we're close to having a winner!

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