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Thursday, April 20, 2017

 Not much change - a little more water showing in the foreground, and some on the ice.
Thanks to Diane for these early-morning pictures. 

As you can see, there is a misty fog over the pond.  I thought we might get some snow during the night, but I was happy to see that didn't happen.  Still, it's chilly at 43 degrees, and there's a misty rain.  The wind has died completely, so it won't feel so cold, but there is a lot of fog obscuring the hilltops, so it's cold and clammy damp.

I have little junkos flitting about outside my office window this morning.  I think there are enough bugs outside so they are able to find plenty of food.  We even saw a woolly caterpillar in the road a couple of days ago.  They freeze in the fall and when they thaw out in the spring they are ready to find a spot to make their cocoon and emerge a few weeks later as butterflies, or moths.  I didn't pay attention to the amount of black on that one - folklore is that the more black on the woolly bear caterpillars, the harder the winter. 

It's good that things are springing back to life here at Joe's Pond.  Our summer residents, humans as well as wildlife, will be returning over the next several weeks, and that's always welcome.  Bill and Bo Keach are back, and many others headed this way soon.  Once we have an Ice-Out Contest Winner, we'll publish the spring newsletter, get the 2018 Ice-Out tickets ready for distribution (yes, they will be available in May!) and that will usher in the new season.

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