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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

 Not much change in the ice from yesterday.  Thawing has slowed because the temperature has been much cooler yesterday and today.  There is a strong south wind today, and that will put pressure on the ice and may help move the breakup process along.   Our temperature at noon was 47 degrees.

We went to West Danville to pick up the mail yesterday afternoon and there is a strip of open water through both the middle and first ponds.  There isn't much open water in the third, big pond where the Ice-Out setup is, so it will be a while before the clock stops.  Stay tuned!
 In the meantime, Bo Keach sent this picture of the loons in the middle pond.  They are probably males.  The males come to secure their nesting spot before the females arrive; or they could be young males that will move on as nesting pairs arrive and drive them off.  It's good to see them, and as Bo says, "Spring must be here."

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