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Monday, April 24, 2017

It's been busy around here today.  We've had several calls from newspapers and an interview with WCAX's Adam Sullivan for tonight's news.  He interviewed our winner, Emily Wiggett, from North Danville, and then stopped by to talk with us and get pictures of the hole in the slush where the block and flag went down, and the clock.  Fred took these pictures when Adam was here for the interview.  We'll be watching the six o'clock news - but it may not be on until 11 o'clock.  We didn't think to ask exactly when.

I like to let the folks who sold tickets for us at various outlets know as soon as possible when we have a winner and who it is, so this morning I called Caplan's in St. Johnsbury and they knew all about it.  One of their employees, Jonathan, is Emily Wiggett's boyfriend, and he had bought tickets there at Caplan's and filled one out for Emily.  He must be golden in Emily's eyes right now.  A pretty nice gift I'm sure they'll both enjoy - about $4,600 worth.  We're happy for them.

It's always interesting to learn the story behind the picks.  Sometimes it's pure guesswork, other times careful calculations or a birth date, but there's usually a story of some sort.

Today is beautiful.  We got off to a cloudy start, but now the sun is out and it's nicely into the 60s.  We're going to get some rain in the next few days, but then Thursday is supposed to be a super nice day.  The rail will finish off the ice.  There is open water well below the islands today and lots of it along the shore.  It seems this is one of those years the ice just turns to crystals and very gradually melts away.  

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