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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

We've had another day of mixed precipitation - a little rain, some sleet, snow, and now back to rain.  It was quite slippery for a while this morning, but during the day warmed up into low 30s so I think things softened up a bit.  The rain on the extremely cold ground froze, of course (there were a couple of nights near or below zero).  I've had several people ask about the ice - one woman who drives past the pond to work every day saw all the water out there and thought the ice had gone!  Of course, there is some water on top of the ice, but still a fair amount of solid ice left so it will be a while before we actually see open water.  We are expecting cold weather again by this weekend, so it's a matter of alternating freezing and thawing and kind of it's own contest which has a more lasting effect on the ice.

We're having quite a bit of activity on the Ice-Out tickets, especially those available on line.  Most sales have been out of state, and today we had one from Alberta, Canada.  I have to wonder how people that far away hear about our contest.  I asked my Facebook friends to let their friends know about the contest, and I think that may have given us a bump up in the past few days.  The more people who get into the contest, the bigger the winnings will be, and that's good for everyone.  More fun, too.  Regular ticket sales have begun to pick up, too, but I think lots of local people are holding off to see what the weather is going to be like.  

Many thanks to all the folks who have asked me for tickets so they can sell them or give them as gifts - people who aren't even members of Joe's Pond Association.  I sent 55 out to a friend in Barre today.  Members do a great job, too - 300 went to son Bob at Wells Fargo, who gives them to his clients.  It's fun to just hand one to someone as a gift - for whatever reason, getting a $1 Joe's Pond Ice-Out ticket is a special treat for just about everyone.  Just fun to be in the game, I think.

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