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Friday, March 24, 2017

One day of sunshine and now we're back in a snowstorm.  Snow has been falling steadily all day - we have perhaps another six inches on top of the 18 - 20 inches that was already on the ground.  The only good news is that the temperature is in the high 20s and there isn't much wind.  Even so, I have to say this weather is getting to be pretty disgusting. We're all looking for a glimmer of spring, but it sure hasn't shown up here.  We know it will come, but slowly.  All next week is going to be snow and other stuff we really don't need any more of.  I've had the scanner on and there have been all kinds of slide-offs on roads everywhere - nothing too serious reported so far, but this snow has made roads slick and sometimes people just forget how slippery snow can be and drive too fast.  You'd think everyone has had so much practice they'd have their winter driving techniques perfected by now!

I walked today at noon, and Fred made a path up the hill for me so I didn't have to wade through 4-5 inches of loose snow.  He will go out later with the snow blower, but for now there are two wheel tracks cleared for us and our two neighbors to allow everyone to get home and then if the snow lets up, he'll clean up the rest.  The Town of Cabot has been by plowing and sanding, and the State is busy on all the highways.  It will be a good weekend to stay put!

It doesn't matter what the weather is or isn't - the Joe's Pond Ice-Out Contest will end in just another week.  It hardly seems possible, but that's the rule - 11:59 p.m. on April 1st is the last moment you can get your pick to us.  If you don't have your ticket(s) yet, keep that date and time in mind, make your best guess and get it into the contest.

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