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Thursday, March 16, 2017

I measured another 6.5 in. of new snow this morning and I think we may have received a few more inches during the day today.  The storm seems to be over, but weather people are saying there's no big warmup in the immediate future, so this load of snow will likely be around for a while.  Good news for the ski areas and snow machine enthusiasts.

I found an interesting link in the Cabot Historical Society mailbox a few minutes ago. It's to a paper written by two UVM students in 1983 on the French in Vermont.  Since our area has a rich history of French families living here, I took time to read it and found it really interesting.  Perhaps some of you might, too.  It's quite long, but there are parts of it that brought back fond childhood memories of some of our neighbors - and some of my playmates.  The French families described by Peter Woolfson and Andre Senecal in this paper were not much different from the Scottish, Irish or Italian  families in Northern Vermont who were only one or two generations away from the "old country," I believe. I bet they would have discovered very similar cultural traits in them, too.   Anyway, I enjoyed the nostalgia.

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