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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Another typically March day when we managed to get a little bit of just about everything weather has to offer.  We had quite a bit of rain during the night, but then it turned to snow this morning - big fluffy flakes I think called "sugar snow" just because it's sugaring season, I suppose.  Then the sun came out and it was very nice - in the 40s until just after lunch.  Then the temperature dropped and we got a little more snow and some wind.  Now it seems to be quiet out there but tomorrow more of the same only colder.  Fred took these pictures today.  What a difference a couple of warm days with rain makes!

This is another shot of the Ice-Out flag, perky as can be in a pool of water.  You can see how anyone might look at the pond right now and think the ice was gone - it sure looks like open water in places, but it's really only on top of the ice.

When I went for my walk this noon I noticed the willow by our mailbox has buds - lovely little white pussy willows high up in the uppermost branches.  That's a sure sign of spring!!  We still have a cold weekend to get through, however.  

I heard on the weather tonight that there is quite a bit more snow at the stake on Mt. Mansfield now than there was last year at this time.  I looked at our back yard stake and the measurement out there is 8 inches, more or less.  The snow has pulled away from the stake and without actually going out, it's hard to tell.  I should go out and measure in a few spots and report snow depth officially to CoCoRaHS - perhaps this weekend.

I heard in a roundabout way that Ted Chase's dogs got sprayed by a skunk recently.  That's another sign of spring, I guess, when the skunks are out.  They are usually pretty quiet until it begins to warm up.  Sorry about Ted and Barbara's pups - it's never pleasant when dogs tangle with skunks - tough on the dogs and their owners.

Joe's Pond folks - keep in mind that I'm putting the spring newsletter together, so if you have something you want to share like a wedding or birth in the family or an item for sale, send it, preferably with photos, to me janebrown@joespondvermont.com.

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