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Friday, February 24, 2017

 We've had quite a bit of spring weather today - sunshine this morning and temperatures in low 50s,  then around noon we had some rain, and now the fog has closed in on us.  The temperature is going down (now 45F) but I don't think it's going to get very cold tonight.  The rain and warm weather is going to continue through the weekend, I believe.  Then what?  Possibly some flooding.

We went to Cabot Village this morning to deliver Ice-Out tickets to the stores there, and the road was slimy and muddy, even slippery in spots - I suspect there's still solid ice underneath the muck.  We had no trouble anywhere, but our car was dripping mud when we got home.

Cabot Village was quiet, but I was impressed at the amount of stock the hardware store has now.  It seemed to me to be very well stocked.  It smelled good, too - the little diner at the back of the store smelled like breakfast - bacon and coffee.  We had more stops to make, otherwise I would have been tempted to hang out over a cup of coffee.  

We took tickets to the Visitors' Center at Cabot Creamery and we're hoping they will sell some for us.  Then to the Corner Stop Inn Shop in Walden.  It's always good to see Diane Cochran who owns that little store.  Diane does a great job selling tickets for us every year, too.  I think gets some good natured ribbing going so her customers want to get in on the fun. 

Yesterday we delivered tickets to our usual outlets in St. Johnsbury, Caplan's, Natural Provisions, Aubuchon Hardware and Thurston-Dimick Auto.  There will be tickets at The Tower in St. Johnsbury Center, too.   Diane Rossi has distributed to Barre Optical, Dente's Market in Barre, the Marshfield Village Store and Marty's and Barrel to Bottle in Danville.  We are happy to welcome new ticket outlets Cabot Creamery, Aubuchon's and Barret to Bottle to our group.   We also have a big "thankyou" for Shelly Walker who will be helping her dad, Don Walker, distribute tickets in the Montpelier area this year.  It's wonderful to have enthusiastic new folks on board.

Now we have to think about getting the block and flag out there before the ice gets dangerously punky.  Larry Rossi will take care of that shortly, I expect.  Our input specialist, Henretta Splain, has been on vacation, but is now back on the job, and we have a few hundred tickets waiting for her.  Fred has the spread sheet tuned up and pay-on-line tickets will be available on March 1st.  Printable on-line tickets have been available all year - but next week you'll be able to make out and pay for your tickets on line.  We're looking forward to another great year for our Joe's Pond Ice-Out Contest.  The surest sign spring is coming is that the Joe's Pond Ice-Out block and flag are up.

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