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Monday, February 06, 2017

We were saddened today to learn of the death on December 14th of Charlie Harper at his home in California.  Charlie loved loved coming to Joe's Pond (86 Clubhouse Cir.) with his family over the years.  He had experienced some health problems in recent years, so hadn't been to Joe's Pond for a while, but I'm sure he has lots of friends here and will be missed.  Condolences to his wife, Margaret and his large family, six children and 23 grandchildren, may be sent to them at 18002 Lassen Dr., Santa Ana CA 92705.

We are expecting another messy winter storm coming at us late tomorrow afternoon.  First a little snow, then a mix before turning to all rain.  I measured another nearly 4 inches of new snow this morning.  I was surprised at how much there was - I heard the wind blowing last night, but had no idea it was snowing, too, until I went to open the window before going to bed.  Snow was whisking against the glass and sticking in clumps the size of a quarter.  Needless to say, I didn't open the window very much, but I could hear the wind in the trees above the house. There were ripples of  drifts along the sides of our driveway this morning.   My weather station recorded a -11 as the overnight low.  With the wind factored in, it would feel like about 35 below. 

Today has been cold but fortunately the wind wasn't as strong as last night but was still biting.  The lowest temperature I saw today was 12 degrees. 

I spent some time at the Danville Historical Society this afternoon, looking for material for the West Danville History.  We were hoping to find newspaper clippings about the flood of 1927 as it affected West Danville and Joe's Pond.  We didn't find anything.  I'm sure there must be stories about it - not many people around anymore who remember it first hand, but I know there are a few.  If you know one of those people, or if you have heard stories about the flood and how it impacted West Danville, please get in touch with me.  A quick phone call (802-563-2381) or email (janebrowncabot@gmail.com) would be much appreciated.  
Fred took this picture of the Danville Historical Society, the Choate-Sias House, from the Congregational church driveway today.  It's a lovely old house, and a pleasure to visit and work in.  You can see there is plenty of snow in Danville, and underneath the snow there's still ice from the last round of rain/snow, so we have to be careful walking - and driving on some of the back roads.  Winter is far from over.

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