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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring continues in the north country.  We have temperatures in the 40s and this morning bright sunshine, but now it's clouded over and looks like it might rain.  The forecast isn't predicting rain until Thursday now - earlier it was saying Wednesday.  In the meantime, tomorrow and Wednesday are predicted to be nice again.
   Although we have springlike conditions here, it's nothing like Philadelphia.  I had an e-mail and pictures from Andy Rudin this morning saying it was 63F and snowdrops bloomed this morning.  He was out on his bike.  
    All our flower beds are buried under about 5 feet of snow.  We have close to 3 feet still on the ground (in spite of some melting going on) and then there's the snow from shoveling the deck and snow-blowing the driveway - it all adds up and it will be a while before we see bare ground again around our house, let alone flowers.  It's nice to know spring is arriving as scheduled in other parts of the country - Andy is always weeks ahead of us, but it's a very nice preview of what's to come here.  I'll be looking for pussy willows soon, and then spring might seem to be a possibility.


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