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Friday, February 17, 2017

Our weather has finally turned around.  We started off the day with more snow showers and a mean wind with the temperature in the teens - just like every other day this week.  By noon we had brilliant sunshine and temperatures in the 20s - still some wind, but not as strong as it has been.  Really it's been a very pretty day.  Still a little cold with the wind, but the sun makes everything look beautiful lifts people's spirits.   I couldn't help smiling as I tromped up Jamie and Marie's driveway this noon.  Everything fresh and so pretty it was fun to be outside.
     Fred went with Jamie this afternoon to get some pictures of our camp after Kyle Johnson finished shoveling off the flat roof for us.  The rest of it has enough pitch so we don't worry much about that.  Kyle said the snow was eight feet deep where it had drifted off the main roof onto the flat one.  That was a lot of shoveling!!  I wish we'd thought to take a picture yesterday before Kyle shoveled it.  The pontoon boat is parked on the lawn by the boathouse, and that is unrecognizable under the snow.
     I noticed yesterday that there was a big overhang of snow from Talbot's cottage, and Fred took a picture of it today - you can see that some of it has broken off.  When the wind is predominantly from the north, as it's been recently, the south sides of buildings tend to get drifting and snow buildup.  Where they are more exposed to the wind, the snow is swept off and piles up at some other house.
     Notice in the pictures how clear and blue the sky is.  We haven't seen that in a while!  The forecast is for sunny weather through the weekend and nothing going on until about Wednesday.  Then we may get either snow showers or rain showers - depends on all the variables - but it looks like everyone can get outside and take care of clearing away snow and not worry about it piling up again right behind them.  


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