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Sunday, February 05, 2017

I've been working on the West Danville History most of the weekend, but now I'm going to take some time to watch the football game.  I've never understood football, but I love the ads during the Super Bowl, and of course I'm curious what Lady Ga-Ga will do.
Besides, it's a good excuse to have snack food and wine!  

In spite of getting an inch or two of snow almost every day this week, there have been strong winds that have compacted it so we still have only about 18 inches on the level.  I've been reading about the really awful winters in the early 1900s in West Danville.  One year they reported six feet of snow in the woods, and all lumbering operations had to be suspended.  Even the snow rollers with six horses couldn't get through for days.  It took men with shovels to break through some of the badly drifted roads so the horses could proceed.  And it was below zero some of the time.  Mail didn't go and businesses closed their doors.  That was winter weather!

This winter has been better for snowmobilers, but there have been some fatal accidents, too.  I had the scanner on and heard of one in Island Pond this afternoon.  We'll read about it in tomorrow's paper, probably.  It's so sad that good snow means more people lose their lives.  I never cared for snowmobiles much - even early on when they weren't nearly as powerful as they are today.  Snowshoes have always been my preferance for getting into the "back country."  But I'm not keen on doing that these days, either.  I like the snow to be just right - not too heavy, not too fluffy and deep - just right.  

Enjoy the game, and be safe.

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