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Monday, February 13, 2017

It's been a busy day around here.  We got about a foot of new snow - nice and light, but still lots of work to shovel and plow.  Walden reported something like 18 inches, but that's not unusual for some spots up there.

Fred has been out twice today with his snowblower.  The wind picked up this afternoon and unloaded the trees into driveways and paths, so that all had to be cleaned up again.  I intended to get some pictures, but forgot to take my camera when I walked at noon - and didn't think about it again until just now, and of course it's dark already.  It was pretty this morning with all the snow on the trees.  It got kind of blizzard-like this afternoon.

The road crews have been busy all day, but I think they'll get some relief tonight.  It's still on the cold side - 17 degrees right now - but there's a promise of warmer weather this weekend.  That will be nice as long as it doesn't rain. 

Schools were mostly closed today, so I imagine kids everywhere were happily playing in the snowbanks, glad to have a day off when it wasn't bitterly cold.  

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow - do something nice with someone special! 

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