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Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's been another cold and windy day.  We finally got out of the single numbers above zero, but not by a lot.  I have 17 degrees tonight, and that's better than last night when it was just a little above zero and the wind was whipping.  We'll be getting a pretty substantial snow storm beginning tomorrow into Monday, 8 inches or so, or up to two feet in "higher elevations," according to the forecast.  That doesn't always mean West Danville and Joe's Pond, but we are considerably higher than St. Johnsbury or Burlington.  We'll deal with it, whatever it turns out to be.  Since February has turned into a "real winter" experience, I'll be interested in what March brings since traditionally it can produce some pretty nasty weather. 

There doesn't seem to be a lot of news here in the north country.  That's a good thing, I think, although it's a lot like it is with kids - when things are too quiet, that's when they're into something they shouldn't be and parents begin to worry. 

In the meantime - are you thinking about Valentine's Day?  Hopefully we'll be dug out from the snow storm by then so you guys can go get some flowers or candy for your sweetie and maybe take her out for a nice dinner.  I imagine the ladies have already made appropriate plans - women are more tuned in to things like Valentine's Day than most men - but if the flowers and candy aren't forthcoming, you better watch out, dude - the day might turn out to be a big zero for you.  So have fun with it, and try to surprise someone special in your life with something nice.



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