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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another spring day and again we've had a bit of everything.  Not much sunshine, but the temperature got well into high 50s.  On the news tonight it was reported to have reached 70 in Burlington, setting a new record.  Here at Joe's Pond we had a little rain during last night, then this morning fog and brief sun, and tonight it rained very hard around dinner time and then the temperature dropped to freezing and everything got coated with ice before it began to snow.  It's snowing now.  I'm hearing on the scanner (10:30 p.m.) that we have had about 3 in. of snow in this area.  I'm not going out to measure anything.  It will keep until morning.

I was reading in the paper today that Alaska has had less snow in the Anchorage area than normal so the Iditarod race starting point will be in Fairbanks.  I guess more snow and colder is better for that event.  We'll have colder weather here by next weekend, but the week ahead is going to be interesting - hopefully there may be some good sugarin' weather in the mix!


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