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Sunday, January 29, 2017

We've had a little more snow today, but the temperature has been quite mild - about 30 degrees.  We had a little sunshine this morning, but by noon we could see the snow coming down from Walden and it was very pretty - big white flakes, no wind.

We enjoyed having our granddaughter here today.  Both Woody and I are tuckered, and I think Otto may be, too.  We were kept busy - Woody in particular.  He is always very patient and puts up with all sorts of enticements to play.  Sometimes I thought he looked a little bewildered, and perhaps pleading "Help me!" but he didn't complain and he hung out like a real trooper.

We did cool stuff.  We made jello right away.  Grape is my least favorite flavor, but except for Tangeni's mom having a small dish when she came this evening, Tangeni finished it all before she left.  She had a lot of it while it was still liquid - remember how good warm jello is?  Lime is my favorite.  Tangeni is a good eater.  She and Grandpa had clam chowder for lunch, but I had a sardine sandwich.  I really like sardines and Tangeni wanted to know what they were like, so I opened a can.  No problem if she didn't like them - I was happy to have them.  She looked at them but decided Woody would probably like some more than she would.  Of course, he was delighted.  He rarely meows for food, but he did for some sardine.

After lunch we walked up to see Otto at  Uncle Jamie and Aunt Marie's.  Tangeni wanted to see Rico, too, but he stayed out of the way.  Otto, though, was really happy to have a playmate.  They are a good match for energy.  I guess I had that much energy when I was five, but that's so many decades ago, I don't really remember.

Tomorrow I get back to business.  Not much history got written today, but we all had a good time, and it was fun to take a break from the computer. 

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